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Language Controversies

Language controversies are everywhere in our daily life. One of my friends, who is Asian, walked into a glasses shop to buy a pair of glasses. She tried on a few pairs, but none of them seemed to fit her well. Then, the owner suggested, “Why don’t you try Asian Fit?” “What is Asian Fit?”Continue reading “Language Controversies”

How do you pronounce…

…ideology? details? succinct? data? Do you say ID-deology or AYE-deology? DE-tails or De-TAILS? SUSS-sinct or SUCK-sinct? DAY-da or DAD-da? What other words have you flummoxed? Croissant? Literature? Jewelry? San Francisco? Aunt? Tortilla? As we move around the world, or just meet new people across the street, everyday pronunciation becomes more varied and contested. And, asContinue reading “How do you pronounce…”

New Words

…and cheugy words. If you hang around with teenagers at all (or if you are one!), you know that new words come and go faster than a hermit crab can retreat back in its shell. One day, that party is “lit”! Then next, nobody would be caught dead describing anything that way! And teens aren’tContinue reading “New Words”

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